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Little Me

Through You

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of postings of encouragement to other writers on Instagram. I think one of the reasons is because part of me is really nervous about receiving my editor’s notes on my latest manuscript. I go from “Why isn’t she… Continue Reading “Through You”

FRank’s Blues Song

Frank Sanders is a character in my newest novel. Since he’s the blue’s harp player and songwriter, he wrote this for me. 😉

Drowning Answers

Emma June’s dilemma.

Too Crowded

Quote from novel

Magic Ink

Writing inspiration

Get by with a little help from your (imaginary) friends

Letting our novel’s characters row the boat forward. #writing #authors


You’ve got a flow going. The inciting incident is spot on and the pacing is running at a good clip. But that one character? There is something you like about her otherwise you would have thrown her out a long time ago. But as… Continue Reading “DO YOU LIKE YOUR NOVEL’S CHARACTERS?”

Reviving a crazy old bat

I have a character, and, like most, she just sort of showed up. But now she lies dormant and I ache for her to return. I think about her but can’t rouse the crazy old bat – even now when there’s plenty of time… Continue Reading “Reviving a crazy old bat”

Collections From Breathing

A simple breath, the bubble forms then floats in search of things adored keen awareness, filling bareness collections placed and interlaced a meaning soon restored. She dipped below an ocean wave And gave with grace a treasure saved of centuries old, its story told seasons… Continue Reading “Collections From Breathing”