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Through You

Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of postings of encouragement to other writers on Instagram. I think one of the reasons is because part of me is really nervous about receiving my editor’s notes on my latest manuscript. I go from “Why isn’t she… Continue Reading “Through You”

Protect the Children

Oh little child, your hunger grows for things outside your world of woes gangs and morsels you feed upon to gather strength and carry on. Sirens bellow, flashing lights weaken so the appetite windows now your only shield from who you are and what… Continue Reading “Protect the Children”

FRank’s Blues Song

Frank Sanders is a character in my newest novel. Since he’s the blue’s harp player and songwriter, he wrote this for me. 😉

Drowning Answers

Emma June’s dilemma.


At least that’s what character Emma June thinks. Do you?

Fertile Ground

Where do your poems grow?


Things we can’t throw away.

Written in Nature

How nature inspires our writing.

Facetiming a very old friend

#RoaringTwenties #Writing What was it like in the 20s one-hundred years ago? Was life more simple then when it was finally acceptable to apply makeup in public, to strap a flask of moonshine beneath your dress and take a sip before voting for the… Continue Reading “Facetiming a very old friend”

Get by with a little help from your (imaginary) friends

Letting our novel’s characters row the boat forward. #writing #authors